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The IT Skills Management Company

IT Skills Management CompanyAlmost every week there are stories in the press about the lack of skills and poor training for young people in this country with headlines like these:

SHA launches apprenticeship scheme for Tower Hamlets residents
 - Apprentice Eye, 9 June 2014

CBI calls for action over IT skills gap - MicroScope, 12 March 2014

IT driving UK economy as skills gap widens - IT Pro, 16 Sept 2013

Budget 2014: Extension to apprenticeship grant scheme... - Ben Lobel, 20 March 2014

The IT Skills Management Company (IT Skillsman) was formed by a group of professionals who could see the importance of appropriate IT training provided by training organisations of the correct quality and standard.  For this reason, IT Skillsman is partnering with a number of organisations to work on IT Apprenticeships, IT Academies and IT Training.

IT Apprenticeships

IT Skills Management is working with Microsoft, e-skills UK, National Apprenticeship Service and a select number of training providers to increase the skills of young people and so give them a better opportunity to get employment.  For more information look at details on the Microsoft Apprenticeship Programme page.

Microsoft IT Academies

IT_Academy_logo-hz-outlines-borderIf employers want staff to have the right skills then it is paramount that the training providers have the correct standards and quality to provide this training.  Microsoft echoes this view which is why it provides vast resources to training providers.  IT Skillsman has been asked by Microsoft to support IT Academies.  If you are a training provider you get more information on the Microsoft IT Academies Programme page.